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2010-03-26 15:35:39 by pathock3

Ahh Tank Awards, my favorite time of year. Time to watch and play through all the nominees!


2010-02-12 23:45:20 by pathock3

Just submitted two new pieces after almost a year of absence. Not much to say. Still writing a lot, though not as much as I was expecting. There's just too much going on in college.

Oh well, I'm lovin it :)


2009-03-30 12:31:50 by pathock3

Okay, the applications were all sent, the auditions completed, and the waiting finished. At last, I know where I'm going to college. Ready?


It was my top school and I'll be studying music composition.
It's perfect. I can't believe it, it still feels unreal :)



2008-10-13 10:59:08 by pathock3

Sorry, no music for a while. I've got to get my college applications finished. But you can expect a lot once I know where I'm going. My top school is Northwestern, but we'll see how that goes...

I play trombone and one of my favorite band composers is Mark Camphouse. And for various reasons, including that he will be directing the Illinois honors all state band which I was in last year, I decided to send him an email. He said he would love to hear some of my music, so I sent him some, none of which is on this site, and he loved it. And now he wants to meet me at the all state conference.
Ah. I'm so excited.


Home again.

2008-08-03 12:29:11 by pathock3

Okay, I'm home and will eventually get around to commenting on the reviews I've gotten. I learned so much that will hopefully come through in my new music, and I wrote a song that was performed at our final concert last Thursday. I'll post the recording of it when they send me the CD which won't be for like a month. Things will be slow going up for a while so be patient.



2008-06-28 13:25:46 by pathock3

Yes, I am leaving again, this time until August! I am going to attend the National High School Music Institute at Northwestern University for 5 weeks. After a rigorous application and audition process (yes, I rigorously applied), I was one of 9 composers across the country to be selected to work under Michael McBride. At the end of the camp there will be a concert at which the music we have written will be performed.
Be jealous. So long for now.



2008-06-06 11:31:59 by pathock3

I am leaving tomorrow morning and will be gone for a week. Do not be offended that I am not responding to music reviews or anything like that. Later.


Life = eh.

2008-05-17 23:30:55 by pathock3

Alright, so school's almost out and I'm writing again! Yes, excited? Not as much as I am, I can promise you that. I've just posted a cello solo that I'm pretty proud of. I've been working hard on it lately. Review if you get the chance. If not, it's definately worth a listen I'd say! Life has had its ups and downs, but right now its alright. I always know I can turn to music. Music has never let me down.


Summer music at Northwestern!!

2008-04-21 19:55:57 by pathock3

Quick update on my life right now. I just found out that I was accepted into Northwestern University's summer music composition program which will keep me busy for 5 weeks including all of July. I've been waiting for over a month to hear back from them. So although there will be no posts during this time, I will come back with a live recording of something I write, as well as a lot of experience which will help with future works. I sent them three recordings with my application, including what is posted here as "It Doesn't Matter" a classical arrangement of "Imbalance of Spheres" and a trombone trio that I'll post hopefully tonight if I get the chance. As for the rest of my life? Working on the musical The Secret Garden in which I will be performing the part of Major Holmes. Later!

Hey, if you are looking at this page, that probably means that you have listened to one of my songs! It's kind of late so I'm going to bed. I guess I'll finish this post another time lol.